SWELL: Art Director + Brand Manager


I was hired at Swell to take over as both Art Director and Brand Manager. As Art Director I oversaw that entire catalog creation process and well and the website. As Brand Manager I was responsible for team riders, marketing plans, as consulted on all new initiatives that the company undertook. As Art Director I was in charge of all photo shoots from beginning to end. There were 6 unique catalog produced a year and for each catalog there was a studio shoot with models, a location shoot with models and athletes, and a studio shoot of flat product. It was my job to coordinate all 3 shoots, write the brief for each shoot, and produce / art direct each shoot. I was also responsible for the design and layout of the catalog and website. This was an amazing opportunity to produce an extremely comprehensive project 6 times a year.

Swell: Catalog Redesign

Misc. Projects, Swell

In my time at Swell I was responsible for the catalog and website from beginning to end. It was such a great project to work on since I got to be involved in every aspect of the production. From model selection all the way through final sign off on the proofs. About halfway through my time at Swell they asked me to overhaul the entire catalog, which I gladly did. This was the first catalog with the new look and feel.


Swell: Ad Campaign

Campaign, Print Ads, Swell

Traditionally Swell has always used direct mail techniques to prospect for new customers. When the catalog business starting changing a bit we needed to evaluate our methods for getting new customers. The obvious place to start was advertising in surf magazines. I feel like we came up wit a unique and effective campaign that relied on simplicity and humor to catch the viewers attention.