Quiksilver Skate : ROAM issue 1

Campaign, Misc. Projects, Quiksilver, Web / Online

Definitely the best part of the 2009 Skate campaign, were the online, interactive skate ‘zines. Each month I had the honor of creating a ‘zine to go along with the current ad. Working with the talented Mike O’Meally and the team riders putting together these cool stories in such an old school, down and dirty way, was beyond inspiring and creatively fulfilling. It’s very refreshing to get out from behind the computer and get your hands dirty every once in a while. I highly suggest it for all creatives!

Swell: Catalog Redesign

Misc. Projects, Swell

In my time at Swell I was responsible for the catalog and website from beginning to end. It was such a great project to work on since I got to be involved in every aspect of the production. From model selection all the way through final sign off on the proofs. About halfway through my time at Swell they asked me to overhaul the entire catalog, which I gladly did. This was the first catalog with the new look and feel.