Art Director, Creative Director

As the Creative Director at Spy, I was responsible for the aesthetic of the brand across all areas of the business. This included product direction / positioning, advertising concepts / development, online strategy, retail POS design. In addition to creative direction, I also served as the hands on Art Director, overseeing the execution of the approved concepts for all marketing materials. These duties included photo shoot direction, copywriting, graphic design and layout.

SPY has an extremely tight team of athletes, spanning across many sports, which gave me the opportunity to work with a wide range of personalities. The goal with the campaigns at Spy was to create compelling content across all forms of media and give our customers a fresh look at their idols.

QUIKSILVER : Art Director


I was hired at Quiksilver to art direct the skate and snow programs as well as some of the business to business tools.

For the skate program I oversaw the “ROAM” campaign, which had a traditional print component of endemic ads, as well as a cool online component that told the entire story. ROAM was actually an online, interactive skate ‘zine the contained photos, videos, text, and art. These were refreshing to work on and I am very proud of the end result.

For the snow program we developed a campaign that was centered around the TodCast. The print ads were rider driven ads that contained back country action and lifestlye portraits with tons of character. The copy in the ads drove the reader to the website to watch the newest episode of the TodCast.

Quiksilver Skate : 2009 Campaign

Campaign, Print Ads, Quiksilver

The 2009 Quiksilver Skate campaign revolved around the idea of “ROAM”. This served as the basis for the concept of the campaign as well as the title for the online, interactive skate ‘zine which was created to go along with each ad. I worked very closely with renowned skate photographer Mike O’Meally to capture the content and tone needed to illustrate the skate teams year ROAMing the globe. Below is the print ad component of the campaign…

My responsibilites for this campaign were: the photo and video brief for each trip, the photo edit for both the print ad and the ‘zine, the layout and production of both the print ad and the ‘zine.

Quiksilver Skate : ROAM issue 1

Campaign, Misc. Projects, Quiksilver, Web / Online

Definitely the best part of the 2009 Skate campaign, were the online, interactive skate ‘zines. Each month I had the honor of creating a ‘zine to go along with the current ad. Working with the talented Mike O’Meally and the team riders putting together these cool stories in such an old school, down and dirty way, was beyond inspiring and creatively fulfilling. It’s very refreshing to get out from behind the computer and get your hands dirty every once in a while. I highly suggest it for all creatives!